Curated artisanal Korean food and drink products


Kelly's Home Made Kimchi

  • This kimchi is made using my mom's recipe.  I have many fond memories of eating my mom's kimchi growing up.

  • Well balanced flavors; fresh and clean tasting.

  • No preservatives, additives or refined sugar used.

Artisanal  Tteok (Korean rice cake)

  • made by Hwang So Food Co. who is a specialized maker of tteok for over 30 years.

  • high quality tteok with soft yet chewy texture.

  • can be used to make delicious tteokbokki (rice cake with spicy sauce).

Gamtae (Unique Korean Seaweed)

  • Gamtae is a special sea plant that can only live in the cleanest sea water and cannot be farmed raised. It is also harvested by hand.

  • provides a burst of sea ocean umami flavor to dishes such as seafood soup, topping for various seafood dishes and salads.

  •  is rich in minerals, iron, potassium and calcium.  Non-GMO, no preservatives, additives or refined sugar

  • is made by Bada Soop Co. in Korea for over 30 years, and is recognized as a "master" maker by the Korean government.


Kelly's Home Made Detox Drink

  • Home made using only 100% dried fruits from Korea.  Lemon ginger, "sweet" and "sour" flavors are available.

  • 100% natural, and no preservatives or artificial ingredients are used..

  • Simply add hot or cold water, or even soda water for a refreshing are yet healthy drink.  


Ginger Extract

  • made simply with ginger and organic sugar.

  • Ginger is widely known for its many health benefits.

  • can be added to hot or cold tea, marinades and sauces.

  • made by Hanuldari Co., who uses their own home grown ginger to ensure quality.



  • Korea is one of a few countries globally with desalinated deep sea water potential.

  • The water is drawn from the deep ocean without pollution, bacteria and impurities.

  • DEEPS water tastes clean, refreshing and re-hydrates your body.

  • DEEPS water is rich in minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium vs regular water.


Damun Premium Makgeolli

  • Damun makes traditionally brewed craft Korean rice wine

  • only use natural ingredients

  • tasting note is creamy, velvety, slight sweetness and complex

  • 6.5% alcohol content.

  • pairs well with jeon (Korean pancake), spicy food, and also taste great by itself.

  • Baekseju is a Korean traditional alcohol drink made with 12 different herbs.

  • not only has smooth, deep and well-balanced taste, but also has health benefits.

  • pairs especially well with samgyetang (Korean ginseng chicken soup)

  • is made by Kooksoondang, who is a leading Korean natural and health related brewer since 1952.



  • ​Odirang is a specialty alcoholic beverage made with mulberries.

  • has a refreshing fruity taste with sweetness.

  • Mulberries are packed with nutrients, anti-oxidants and high in iron, vitamin C.

  • is made by Kooksoondang, who is a leading Korean natural and health related brewer since 1952.

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For artisanal makers of Korean food and beverage products, please contact Jung Yoo at or 82-010-8028-1204 (Korea)