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Korean beauty Chef's table (DEEPS water) on skypost (Apr 2021)

How to make authentic Kimchi  on (Oct 2020)

Korean rice roll competition on Apple Daily HK (Sept 2020)

Recognized by the Minister of culture, sports and tourism of South Korea for the positive contribution in sharing and shining Korean culture in foreign countries (Dec 2019)

Kelly's Capebop collaboration with Maxim's Group May 2019

Food Panda video (2018)

Recognized by the Minister of trade, industry and energy of South Korea for contributing to the economic development through trade.

Korean mother's hard work to support a gentle family on HK01 (May 2017)

Korean mother conquers Hong Kong with home style cooking on ejinsight (Apr 2017)

Treats (Maxim's) x Kelly's Capebop pop. up store on (2017)

Korean DIY rice roll parent-child cooking class on Yahoo news (April 2017)

Korean mother fulfills her gourmet dreams.  Home-made dishes spreads positive energy on HK economic journal (Apr 2017)

Kelly Capebop x Treats: interview with Kitty Yuen Shiu Yee (TV personality & actress-March 2017)

Professional career woman changes career to make healthy Korean food on skypost (Dec 2017)

2 Michelin listed outlets in Hong Kong's busy dining scene that will get your mouth watering on SCMP (Dec 2015)

Korean mother cooks home-cooked dishes all because of her daughter Kelly on skypost (Dec 2015)

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