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Una followed her dream and opened up Kelly's Capebop in Wan Chai, Hong Kong in 2015.


The menu is simple but delicious Korean food such as kimbap, tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), gaeran-mari (egg roll), and KFC (Korean fried chicken).

True to her philosophy, Una uses only natural ingredients and does not use artificial ingredients such as MSG.  

After only about one year after opening, Kelly's Capebop was first recognized by Michelin in 2016!  And has been recognized by Michelin for six straight years.  As far as we know, Kelly's Capebop is the only kimbap recognized by Michelin in the world!


MICHELIN Guides Point of View

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"As well as its famous kimbop in various flavours, it’s well worth waiting for the à la minute egg rolls. You can also find spicy rice cakes, fried seaweed dumplings and other Korean dishes."

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